My Story

My name’s Andy, but you knew that, right?

As a kid, whenever I drew a picture, I nearly always drew monsters. That was just what I did. That was me.

When I wrote stories, spurred on by a teacher, invariably they’d be about the things that scared me most: monsters, ghosts, the unspeakably evil creature that lurked either in the wardrobe or under my bed. You know the sort of things I mean. It was tough for my parents.

Nothing’s really changed all that much.

Now I’m an adult with kids of my own. I still gravitate towards the horror genre. I still like to peer into that dark abyss and see what stories might emerge, hoping that I can snare something and express it with my words. I enjoy what I do, and I hope you will too. Stories are the very fabric of life, after all. I intend to keep writing as much and as often as I can, but it’s always better if there’s company. So come, take my hand, if you’re willing, if you dare.

I was born in Shrewsbury, England, in 1973. In 2001 I emigrated to New Zealand. It was meant to be a temporary thing, but sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns. I still live in New Zealand – in Dunedin. I live with my wife and my three children. By day, I work as a nurse; by night, however, I’m usually locked away in my office, tapping the keys of my computer, asking myself that same old question that I asked a kid: What scares me?

The corollary for me, as an author, is: What scares you?

In May 2012 I had my first short story published in Takahē Magazine. Even better, I was paid for my story. The princely sum of $40. You can find this story in my anthology “The Wooden Hills: A Collection of Dark Tales’.

Today I’m working on all sorts of stuff: novels, more short stories. Keep an eye on this website or my YouTube channel if you want to be informed of new material. I really like Wendy King’s ominous description of me [from the Foreword to my first book],

“So read on, but be mindful – even when you have finished this book – that Andy Evans is still out there, writing.”

Yes, I am.

Welcome to my website. Why not have a good look around? Hey, thanks for stopping by.